Do you “settle for comfort” or “seek thrill”?
Do you make “the right choice”
or “the exciting choice”?
Do you take “the socially responsible option”
rather than
“the one that will satisfy you”?
Why would you even believe
that you have to make compromises?

We don’t believe in compromises.
Nissan is creating a future
that encompasses all of these choices.
Because we believe
that is true innovation.
Doing what others don’t dare to do.
This is the spirit of innovation
that has kept us pioneering
at the forefront of electrification.

There is an ideal future,
that only
Nissan can pave the way forward.
Let’s pioneer this path.
Together we empower mobility and beyond.


Next-Generation Crossover EV
A new way to think about mobility, Nissan CHILL-OUT is a mobile haven. It features a sleek and modern design, advanced safety technology and a productive and comfortable interior space. The crossover concept utilizes the CMF-EV platform, delivering high levels of comfort and an energizing driving experience.
  • NISSAN CHILL-OUT Concept Car Image
  • NISSAN CHILL-OUT Concept Car Image
  • NISSAN CHILL-OUT Concept Car Image
  • NISSAN CHILL-OUT Concept Car Image
  • NISSAN CHILL-OUT Concept Car Image
  • NISSAN CHILL-OUT Concept Car Image
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Three innovative concepts centered
around the activities you love to do.

Nissan’s vision takes you beyond the places you can drive
with it’s advanced Nissan EV Technology Vision,
an innovative integration of the ultimate hardware and the advanced intelligence,
which was built to exceed expectations. Here, we will showcase
three game-changing experiences that only Nissan EVs can offer.

  • NISSAN MAX-OUT Concept Car Image
  • NISSAN MAX-OUT Concept Car Image

A convertible that surpasses the 
conventions of driving excitement.

A drive that feels specially tailored for you, with a sense of openness
and a new dimension of oneness.
Feeling of oneness with the car
The Nissan MAX-OUT aims to deliver a new driving experience with its superlative stability and comfort.
Dynamic cornering and steering response are balanced with limited body roll to optimize driver
and passenger comfort, creating a feeling of oneness with the car.
  • NISSAN HANG-OUT Concept Car Image
  • NISSAN HANG-OUT Concept Car Image

A utility vehicle that changes 
the perception of mobile space

A stress-free ride for all vehicle occupants. The car is more than just a means of
transportation; it can be used as an extension of personal space. It offers space
in which you can fully focus on what you want to do while on the move.
The comfort of your living room into a mobile space.
With a completely flat floor that extends from the front to the back, the Nissan HANG-OUT is aimed to
provide a new way of spending time on the move. It is designed to suppress vibrations and jolts,
thereby reducing instances of motion sickness and interference while working on the go.
  • NISSAN SURF-OUT Concept Car Image
  • NISSAN SURF-OUT Concept Car Image

A pickup truck that empowers 
customers range of activities.

Share and spread your experiences with your community,
as you go beyond the usual places.
A hub for having fun with your friends
The Nissan SURF-OUT aims to provide a smooth ride regardless of the terrain, enabling customers to go anywhere
in comfort and with confidence. The vehicle’s variety of power sources, and low and flat cargo space are aimed
to help you to go wherever you want and amplify your experience when you get there.

Story of Electrification  

For over seven decades, Nissan has continued to pioneer the potential of electrification.
Nissan’s story has always been one of rising to new challenges, and it shall always remain so.

    Nissan’s first electric car
    In 1947, Nissan’s* first EV the “Tama Electric Vehicle” was released. At the time there was a serious shortage of oil in Japan, and the Tama electric vehicles contributed greatly to people’s lives, mainly as taxis, and small trucks for small-scale logistics. *Developed by Tokyo Electro Automobile Co. (later Prince Motors, Ltd.)
    Nissan’s first electric car image
    The foundation of Nissan EVs,
    continuing into the
    present and the future
    The Nissan LEAF, Nissan’s first mass-produced 100% EV, was born to exceed customer expectations in every aspect, from environmental performance, driving performance, user friendliness, and cost performance.The world was taken by surprise by the driving experience, which completely differed to the conventional experience. Furthermore, the onboard lithium-ion battery is not only used for driving, but also for providing an energy source at home when it is not on the road. This provided an additional value to EVs. In the second generation, Nissan LEAF was equipped with a number of innovative technologies such as ProPILOT, ProPILOT Park, and e-Pedal, which greatly improved the excitement and convenience of electric driving.
    The foundation of Nissan EVs, continuing into the present and the future image The foundation of Nissan EVs, continuing into the present and the future image
    Bringing the Excitement
    of Electrification
    to the World of Racing
    In order to share with the world the high level of technology and exciting experiences that Nissan has cultivated in the development of EVs, we are participating in Formula E, an environmentally friendly zero-emission car race using electric formula cars. The knowledge gained from the race is also being used to develop the next generation of EVs.
    Bringing the Excitementof Electrificationto the World of Racing image
    Bringing the joy of 100% motor-driven
    driving to as many people as possible
    e-POWER is the result of an unprecedented concept of using the engine only for power generation. 100% motor drive enables exciting driving with EV-like response, smooth acceleration, and high quietness. Since its development, the lineup has been expanded to include the second-generation e-POWER, which delivers a high-quality driving experience closer to that of an EV.
    Bringing the joy of 100% motor-driven driving to as many people as possible image
    To a new level of
    driving experience.
    The Nissan Ariya opens a new door for EVs by incorporating the latest technologies in electrification, intelligence, and connectivity that we have cultivated through our car manufacturing. The Nissan Ariya offers a wide range of advanced features to update people’s lifestyles. The Nissan Ariya is equipped with e-4ORCE and ProPILOT 2.0, enabling a new level of driving where everyone can control the car smoothly and as they wish. It will lead Nissan’s evolution to the next stage.

    Nissan advanced
    control technology:
    for a more dynamic,
    evolved drive

    To a new level of driving experience. image
    The Evolution of Battery
    Technology to expand the
    possibilities of electric vehicles
    Nissan was one of the first automakers to develop lithium-ion batteries with high output, high energy density with a long battery life, and has been introducing mass-produced electric vehicles to the world. The impact of this development has not been limited to the realization of spacious interiors and improvements in cruising range and charging performance. Next-generation technology, all-solid-state batteries (ASSB), are used to reduce size and weight, expanding the flexibility of vehicle size and layout, and providing options to suit a variety of lifestyles.

    Nissan battery evolution is
    diversifying electric vehicles

    For the future of this planet
    The evolution of Nissan EVs will have a positive impact not only on cars, but also on society
    and the environment. The “Blue Switch” project, which introduces EVs to solve community issues,
    and the promotion of the “4R business”, which creates new value by using lithium-ion batteries
    for secondary purposes, are actively contributing to environmental and disaster countermeasures.

    Exploring electric mobility and beyond